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East Rockaway, NY
East Rockaway High School

Class of 1958
50th Reunion - held June 20-22, 2008

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WINTER 2011 Florida Reunion
ERHS Class of 1958 Mini Reunion in Daytona Beach, FL - Feb 25th, 2011

WINTER 2010 Florida Reunion
ERHS Class of 1958 Mini Reunion in Lakeland, FL - January 31st, 2010

WINTER 2009 Florida Reunion

ERHS Class of 1958 Mini Reunion
in Lakeland, FL - January 17th, 2009


1/31/09   Linda Stallone Louis
1/31/09   Carol Humphrey Berggren
1/31/09   Richard Beyer

Dear Classmates & Spouses:
         It was so much fun being with you for our very enjoyable extended lunch in Lakeland on January 17th. Aren’t we lucky! Please enjoy the photos of that event and if you have any of your own that you would like us to put up on the website please email them or send them by snail mail on a disc or prints. Look forward to seeing you again in the near future.
Love to all,  Linda & David

Hello Classmates:
         What do you get when you mix twelve ERHS Classmates, seven spouses, good food and drink, and warm January Florida sunshine? Of course! A fabulous afternoon of hugs, exclamations of delight, much reminiscing and smiles 'til it hurt! This was the scene on January 17, 2009, when John and Carol Humphrey Berggren, Paul and Caroline Settele DeSoye, Ed and Ele Whitty D'Hondt, Fran and Ed Gargiula, Roy and Heidi Keil Heinz, Joe and Ruth Widman Iannone, Bruce and Linda Krull Klappholz, and Paul and Jeanne Witte Wayland arrived from different places in Florida at Smokey Bones in Lakeland, FL. BUT, of special note, taking the prizes for longest distance traveled, were Jack Colletti who flew in from PA and David and Linda Stallone Louis who flew from Long Island, NY.
         Ele had been the first to respond when the idea was suggested last Fall! Bruce and Linda made it after all, Bruce recovering nicely from foot surgery. Roy and Heidi came a bit late having spent the early part of the day with her father at the Emergency Room. Ed Gargiula is in our thoughts as he was to have surgery on Feb.16. Although the rest of us had seen each other in East Rockaway in June, there was no lack of conversation. It was really fun (for other diners as well!) to watch the looks of contemplation and then recognition on the faces of those who hadn't seen each other in years!
         We will do this again next winter in Florida and on Long Island in 2011--date to be determined by Linda Stallone Louis, who has graciously offered to host the gathering at her home.
         Classmates, know that the Jacobsen plaque has been placed in the front entrance of the high school, and the brass plate on a center auditorium seat with Class of 1958 Alumni is in place also.
Rock on!!
Carol & John

HI All:
         Here a some links
  (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 to photo pages I've put up. They are mostly Centre Avenue people, but those were the ones I knew; I'm sure you could get the Rhame Avenue folks to share some photos to give these more balance and depth.
Group Hug,

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